Del Thomas

Singer/songwriter with unique blend of blues rock, alt-country & pop sensibilities

Brand New Album - Shifting Sands

Out Now on iTunes and Bandcamp!

Since the release of his first album, 'Driving Home Alone' back in 2013, Del's been busy writing more new songs - some of which have already been played at recent gigs.

Since recording the basic tracks several months ago, Del added a few overdubs and finishing touches to the songs and now it's finally here!

Drummer, James Shanks, laid down the rhythm grooves  and fellow Manalishi guitarist, Phil McLauglin, added his unique jazzy style to a few tracks while the rest of the instruments were played by Del.

This album's a bit more rocky than the last one but there's also a couple of quieter acoustic songs there as well to balance the equation - a couple of instrumentals even have a slight Celtic feel to them! 

As with the last album, many of the songs come from a mix of personal experience, observation of other people’s situations and ideas that might just come from an overheard comment in another conversation. In one case, it was a combination of a comment from an old friend about her father and a line in a TV programme which was the spark for an idea which led to one of Del's most personal statements about how he tries to live his life. But whatever the source of the initial idea for a song, the lyrics are crafted in a way that most people can relate to. As always, Del presents each song with an up-tempo beat, catchy chorus and bluesy guitar hooks. There's a couple of tasty instrumentals that the band have worked up as well - one of which is a bluesy tip o' the hat to two of Del's guitar heroes. So, all in all, quite a variety of material for lovers of good music. 

We're sure that Del’s succeeded in creating yet more cool radio-friendly songs with a touch of blues, country and folk - what a great mix! 

Here's a link to the Bandcamp page where you can buy the tracks or the whole album

And remember, 'Driving Home Alone' is still available on iTunes and Amplifier.

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*All live photos courtesy of Don Laing

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